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New Field at Garfield RBI

By Ben Golab, 06/06/18, 9:30PM EDT


Garfield Park has finished the construction of a new Baseball Diamond that is completely fenced in with a new backstop and bleachers.  The Diamond will be played on by Pee-Wees Tuesdays , Thursdays, and Saturdays.   The previous Pee-Wee field at Garfield was not in very good shape and the new location for the field is optimal for the water drain-off to keep the field in as good of shape as possible. 

This diamond has been in the works  since this past January and The Friends of Garfield are largely responsible for its completion.  Other people that helped with this project include Mark Bowell and Linda Burello.

The RBI Indianapolis efforts at Garfield have been creating great growth every season at Garfield and now in their fourth season have nearly 170 kids which is up from around 120 last year.  The Pee-Wees that will be playing on the new diamond have over 50 kids and it looks like they will grow even more in the coming seasons with 6 to 7 teams being planned for just next season.

The individuals that work at Garfield in The RBI program are great people that work hard at what they are able to do there and can really see the benefit of it.  Mark, who is the Co-President had this to say.  “We build a community and a family.  A baseball family.  We are even a community in the offseason as everyone in the community are still good friends and spend time together.”  He said the real purpose of the whole program and what he and the President at Garfield Megan do is to “build major league citizens and teach kids skills they can use in their whole life, not just baseball.  You’ve got to give respect to get respect.”